Experience a New Era in Email Efficiency with Augmented Workflows

Introducing OptimateIQ Copilot, an innovative augmented AI workflow solution integrated with Microsoft Office 365 & Google Workspace to enhance the productivity of knowledge workers. OptimateIQ Copilot empowers users to harness the potential of Generative AI from familiar office productivity applications like Outlook, Excel & Gmail.

The Age of Augmented Workflows

Empowering Humans, Enhancing Workflows.

Augmented workflows enhance human capabilities with the help of Generative AI. Instead of replacing manual effort, they aid Knowledge workers in making better decisions, offer insights, or streamline manual processes and help them make more informed decisions. OptimateIQ’s Copilots utilize human intuition and AI capabilities, offering a balanced approach to deliver faster, more personalized, and proactive service.

Simplified Interactions

Effortless Interactions, Every Time.

OptimateIQ's Copilot brings logistics-specific workflows seamlessly into your email clients like Outlook & Gmail while connecting to your TMS or third-party data providers for integration.

Ex: Use OptimateIQ's Copilot to create professional-looking rate quote responses in real-time with 10x improvement in performance.

Enable Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration 2.0, Simplified.

OptimateIQ's Copilot provides a seamless transition from Human-out-of-the-Loop (HOOL) to Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), ensuring data accuracy through human verification and adjustments when needed. This harmonious combination of automation with the precision of human expertise provides the highest quality results and better business outcomes.

Streamlined Communications

Communication. Reimagined.

OptimateIQ's Copilot empowers users to respond to emails effectively and efficiently, fostering stronger professional relationships. OptimateIQ's Copilot can understand and reply in the same language as the incoming email.

With OptimateIQ Copilot's advanced NLP capabilities, you'll experience unparalleled accuracy & empathy in responding to emails.

The system can be customizable for your writing style, ensuring replies remain authentic and aligned with your communication preferences.

Contextual Intelligence

Enhance Professional Interactions

OptimateIQ’s ability to comprehend context and generate contextually appropriate responses reduces the cognitive load associated with email communication, allowing users to stay organized, build stronger customer relationships, and boost their professional image.

Automation at Scale

Focus on the business outcomes.

With our consumption-based pay-as-you-go model, you pay for what you consume when you consume it. We eliminate obstacles like development, licensing, monitoring, maintenance, and infrastructure barriers to adopt automation at scale.

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