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What is OptimateIQ?

Bridgenext's OptimateIQ is a fully managed end-end digital workflow platform. It combines the power of AI and ML and human intuition to provide seamless collaboration between knowledge and the digital workforce.

How does OptimateIQ reduce the entry barrier for automation?

OptimateIQ is an Automation-as-a-Service platform. While you focus more on business-critical tasks, we will take care of the design, development, licensing, monitoring, maintenance, and infrastructure needed for workflows on your behalf.

Our industry-specific workflow recipes allow us to quickly configure and customize the processes to fit your business's needs, lowering the barrier to adopting process automation. With our consumption-based pay-as-you-go model, you pay only for what you consume and when you do it.

How does OptimateIQ facilitate collaboration between Knowledge workers and Digital workers?

OptimateIQ allows a seamless transition from Human-out-of-the-Loop (HOOL) to Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), ensuring data accuracy through human verification and adjustments when needed. This harmonious combination of Digital workers (aka Bots) with the precision and expertise of Knowledge workers (aka Humans) provides the highest quality results and better business outcomes.

What is OptimateIQ's Copilot?

OptimateIQ's Email Copilot is an innovative augmented AI workflow solution integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace that enhances the productivity of knowledge workers. OptimateIQ Copilot empowers users to harness the potential of Generative AI from familiar office productivity applications like Outlook, Excel, and Gmail. Using logistics-specific workflows it helps users integrate systems with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and third-party data providers. Leverage it to simplify and accelerate logistics interactions, such as creating professional-looking rate quote responses in real time.

How does OptimateIQ's Copilot help my Logistics Operations?

OptimateIQ's ability to comprehend context and generate contextually appropriate responses reduces the cognitive load associated with email communication, allowing users to stay organized, build stronger customer relationships, and boost their professional image.

Our Copilot enhances human capabilities with the help of Generative AI. Instead of replacing manual effort, it aids Knowledge workers, aka humans, in making better decisions, offering insights, streamlining manual processes, and helping them make informed decisions.

OptimateIQ's Copilots utilize human intuition and AI capabilities, offering a balanced approach to deliver faster, more personalized, and proactive service.

How does OptimateIQ Copilot improve Customer Satisfaction?

OptimateIQ's Copilot empowers users to respond to emails effectively and efficiently, fostering stronger professional relationships. OptimateIQ's Copilot can understand and reply in the same language as the incoming email. OptimateIQ Copilot's advanced NLP capabilities will enable you to experience unparalleled accuracy and empathy in email responses. The system can also be customized to match your writing style. This customization ensures that replies remain authentic and align with your communication preferences.

What is OptimateIQ's Conversation-as-a-Service?

OptimateIQ's conversational bot, 'Prazna' is powered by NLP and generative AI to alleviate app fatigue. It allows users to interact with applications in a natural, human-like manner and provides agility to access any data, anywhere, at any time, on any device with zero coding.

By encapsulating conversational capabilities as a service, we simplify the development and deployment of conversational interfaces, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes and technical capabilities.

How is Prazna going to help with my team's productivity?

Prazna helps elevate your team's productivity levels in several ways. Its plugin architecture facilitates integration with your existing applications and services. Hence, it becomes a central repository to access and update information. Also, it seamlessly integrates into collaboration platforms like MS Team, Slack, Direct Line, and Web applications, eliminating the need to install any external applications. Users can simply issue commands through a conversational interface.

Prazna's conversational AI platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic real-life human communication. The conversational UI approach eliminates the need to learn and remember various UI metaphors and navigate through the screens to find the correct information.

Prazna further enhances employee satisfaction and experience as it:

Providing contextual and predictive actions based on the data and how users utilize the system.

Saves time by responding promptly to a query.

Easy to use.

Helps teams focus on more critical issues and creative thinking and lets you enjoy an overall increased efficiency.

How does Prazna reduce app fatigue?

According to Harvard Business Review, to execute a single supply-chain transaction, each person switches between 22 different applications and unique websites about 350 times. This constant app switching meant consistent sign-ups, logins, subscriptions, etc. It is time-consuming and tiring.

Prazna's integration hub is a curated collection of natively built connectors for data providers. It allows users to access data from these data providers from any device, anywhere, using natural language conversation.

Prazna is designed to address and reduce app fatigue. Doing so helps improve employee efficiency by 30-50%.

Which devices is Prazna compatible with?

Prazna is integrated into MS Teams as a Teams application. It means you can access it wherever Teams client is available. MS Teams clients can access Prazna from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device that runs on commonly used operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

You can find out more about MS Teams hardware requirements from here.

How do I add a new data provider in Prazna?

Prazna's no-touch model removes the burden of developing the plugins from users. Our team of experts takes on the task of integrating any data source that has an API. Get in touch to discuss your use case.

Learn more on our About Us page.

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