Enabling seamless collaboration between Knowledge and Digital workers, empowering productivity and collaboration, and boosting efficiency with streamlined no-touch augmented, automated & autonomous workflows.

Reimagine Business Workflows

Tailored Workflows, Business-focused Result

OptimateIQ is an Automation-as-a-Service platform, which means we take care of design, development, monitoring, and maintaining workflows on your behalf, allowing customers to focus on business-critical tasks. Our industry-specific workflow recipes allow us to quickly configure and customize the processes to fit your business’s needs, lowering the barrier to adopting process automation.


Consistent Outcomes. Predictable Pricing.

Transaction-as-a-Service offers the flexibility of no-touch automation along with the elasticity to scale as per customer's needs. This model ensures businesses can handle varying volumes of transactions efficiently & securely without the concerns of procuring licenses and provisioning the infrastructure.

Transaction-as-a-Service is an outcome-based model with zero TCO where customers pay for what they process and when they process it.


Tailored Processes, Business-focused Results.

The Process-as-a-Service model empowers organizations to automate business processes without the hassle of licenses and infrastructure concerns. Our automation fabric architecture enables us to use appropriate third-party or bespoke automation solutions to execute the processes at scale. By leveraging Process-as-a-Service, businesses can streamline and optimize processes with minimal upfront investments. With the Process-as-a-Service model, you will be paying for the actual execution time of the process instead of the number of transactions or users.


Custom Bots, Business-focused Results.

OptimateIQ offers Bot-as-a-Service, focusing on deploying and managing software robots to execute repetitive and routine tasks while organizations can focus on high-value tasks.

Under Bot-as-a-Service model, customer’s pay a fixed monthly fee which covers the development, licenses, infrastructure and monitoring services allowing organizations to realize ROI quickly.

Enable Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration 2.0, Simplified.

OptimateIQ allows a seamless transition from Human-out-of-the-Loop (HOOL) to Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), ensuring data accuracy through human verification and adjustments when needed. This harmonious combination of Digital workers (aka Bots) with the precision of Knowledge workers' (aka Humans) expertise provides the highest quality results and better business outcomes.

Automation at Scale

Focus on the business outcomes.

Unleash the true potential of your knowledge workers and digital workforce by embracing no-touch automation.

Experience increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved collaboration from day one. With our user-friendly platform, you can automate your business processes faster and unlock productivity gains that propel your organization to new heights.

Don't let repetitive tasks hold you back. Embrace the future of work with our no-touch automation solution.

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