Prazna – Copilot for your Logistics Operations

From Clicks to Conversations.

Bring conversational AI to Transportation & Logistics professionals to alleviate App fatigue and provide agility to access any data, anywhere, anytime on any device with zero-coding.

Anywhere, Any Data,

Any Device, Anytime

Don’t follow information; let the information follow you!

  • Allows users to access a single source of truth from any device & OS
  • Enables users to access any data source using a unified conversational interface by leveraging built-in integration hub
  • Allows users to access information from anywhere to make intelligent decisions quickly
  • Provides flexibility to users to work anytime without compromising security & privacy

Zero Maintenance,

Zero Training, Zero Coding

No-touch Solution for your Logistics Operations

Prazna offers 100+ pre-built connectors tailored to logistics needs aligned with customer's chosen data providers. Its conversational interface eliminates the need to remember UI nomenclature for each application, while Prazna's domain-specific machine learning models understand contextual intent and data to provide predictive actions.

Connect. Converse. Collaborate.

Bespoke Integrations for Every Use Case

With an extensive selection of 50+ data providers, over 100+ actions, and 5+ automation flows, Prazna ensures swift and well-informed customer query responses while incorporating feedback. It facilitates enhanced team collaboration, time and cost savings, accelerated application performance, and improved user experience.

Get Started in No Time!

Deploy, Configure, Login

Get started with 3 easy steps, push the app through your Office 365 admin portal and configure the data providers, assign API keys, and start using.

Sign up now for a free one-month no-obligation trial, just bring your API keys.

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